Employee Wellbeing

Why invest in employee wellbeing?


We spend around a third of our adult lives at work, the evidence is fairly conclusive almost nothing has a greater impact on our mental wellbeing as employment.


Employees wellbeing is a key issue that companies need to address to ensure that their employees remain happy and motivated at work.  Job related stress can drastically affect the workplace, making it difficult for everyone.  Healthy and motivated employees can have an equally positive impact on productivity and effectiveness of a business.


Ineffective health and wellbeing issues can have serious cost implications to the company.  Implementing a Workplace Wellbeing Program - Focusing on employees wellbeing involves initiatives to improve their mental health which benefits employers, as follows:


  • Reducing absenteeism and long-term sickness

  • Reducing costs for cover/temporary staff

  • Dramatically reducing resignations

  • Increase productivity

  • A healthy workplace supports and encourages healthy behaviours

  • Helps reduce staff conflict

  • Cultivate positive connections between staff members

  • Increase work performance

  • Prevent “burn out”

The potential consequences of not supporting a workforce wellbeing – the cost of not having a workplace wellness program is higher than the cost of implementing one.


StressLess Mind Gym offers regular classes or one off workshops to strengthen the mind.  StressLess concentrates on ‘mental health/wellbeing’ and not ‘mental illness’ – Mental Health referring to our emotional wellbeing which can lead to mental illness and disorders such as depression, addiction etc.


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